Contemporary African parents 

The generation of parents that believes in nurturing their children so that they can feel confident in their own skin and individuality.
They believe in providing everything that a child wants simply because they couldn’t get it when they were they little and by doing that makes them feel better or like they are better than their parent and it kind of has a way of making them feel like they are not failing as parent. 
Even though African parents are known for discipline and strictness they are the exact opposite.
They make use of or inculcate western culture into their method of raising children that is no spanking or hitting, because they read it somewhere on the internet that it causes mental malfunctioning.
They are scared of their children and so when the children misbehave they rather send them to naughty corner or ground them which by the way has no effect on the Africa blood in us. “If you spare the rod you spoil the child”
They have a medical term or a medical resolutions to every bad behavior a child manifest or display and most of the time they are tired but being the type of generation they are won’t seek help. 
Contemporary African mothers are now career oriented and mostly busy therefore having little or no time for family and they leave their children with nannies or in day care centers which in turn influence the children’s life and behavior 
Contemporary African parents are quick to say yes and maybe with a little negotiation but will still say yes. They do not like to insult or fight their failure since they take them as Demi-gods.
Even though it is a wonderful way to parenting but word has it that it is not realistic and it does not prepare children for the outside world but they we can’t decide yet if they are doing right or wrong but we can find out by waiting to see how children of this day and age will turn out…


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