I know that there are times in life when we feel like there is no hope or that things are not just working or when you feel like “maybe this is not the way for me” or when you feel like you are making so much mistakes and nothing is going your way I know those kinds of feeling cause I have been there and it is okay to feel like that but if it is something you really want it is going to work out and in your favor unless you don’t quit or give up so it is okay to rest when you are tired but don’t give up, don’t give up on your goals, dreams, hustle because of a bad day or because of failure just so you know does successful people you look up to have been there before but do you know what made  them who they are today… it is the fact that they didn’t give up no matter what they faced, no matter the rejections or the disappointments or the nos or the failed projects or the disapproval they persisted and they made it against all odd so you too can do it  if you want to be great or if you want to fulfill your dreams but you will have to work really hard and hold on to your goals and dreams.

Whenever you feel like give up justh.jpgt change the pattern or just hold on for a bit try something new for a little while and you will see by the time you return you now have fresh strength, inspiration and ideas to go on.


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