I will be sharing with you something I learnt through the popular game candy crush, Sometimes ago I downloaded candy crush and I started playing it, I rarely play games because I do not understand how they do their things, I didn’t fail any level until I got stuck in level 13 and then puff, the stuff told me level failed and that I should give up. For why, I was very angry and I just wanted to pass that level in order to show the game that “someone like me programmed you” but it didn’t work immediately I played the game for over two weeks and I kept failing that same level and then I change the way I was playing the game (pattern or method) and finally after about 2 weeks I passed that level.  Then I realised that until you change the manner in which you do your things you will still get the same result no matter how angry you are at the situation. Then if you want something really bad maybe like a goal or something do not give up anytime you fail but keep redoing it over and over again but mind you change the pattern or the way you are doing it.Then if you desire something be persistent about working towards that thing and you will definitely get it lf you do not give up no matter who tells you to because QUITTERS never WINS and WINNERS never QUIT.

I hope this will motivate someone out there to change the patten or try another method instead of giving up on their dreams.

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I love you


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