How to get yourself a summer job

Hey dear, how is the summer holiday going. If you are like me that always like to be independent and always want to support yourself or you need internship for your future career, let me share a few tips on how get yourself a summer job and earn some cool cash and get some experience.

Tip 1: think about the reason why you are getting the job. It might be for experience or knowledge or maybe because you need money or maybe you are just bored and needs something to keep you busy.

Tip 2: know the kind of job you have interest in or the kind you can do that is your ability. Just don’t be like anything goes and then you will end up messing up or you will end up hating your job and then quitting.

Tip 3:  check magazines, newspaper, internet to look for places you will love to work and check if they are hiring or even if they are not hiring as long as you love the place. Make sure you create like a list of all the places you will apply.

Tip 4:  write a good application letter and make sure to give it to someone older to cross check for you and then send the letter to the various places you have listed down no matter how long your list is.

Tip 5: learn basic thing about the jobs you are applying for so that you won’t be lost if they call you in for an interview. When they call you in for interview make sure to dress the part of that job (do not go for interview for a law firm secretary dressed like a pop star), make sure to go for the interview with confidence and smile. Prepare well for the interview and make sure to do like a mini follow up after the interview.

I am sure at least one of them will call you back for you to start working, and if they don’t call you sweetheart call them, there is nothing bad in you check on your future employer.




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