Hello there, it is the last day of the month of july I hope you are working on your dreams and goals because time waits for no one.

The quote for this week was something I got from Forbes.com but it is originally by Coco Chanel. The quote is

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

I feel this quote means that for you to be at the top of your chosen field or for people to go extra miles in order to get your services you need to stand out by recognizing your strength and your weakness and knowing what works for and then totally making those thing your strong point and what makes you different.

For you to be irreplaceable you have to do things differently, you cannot continue to do the same thing others do and expect different result it is not possible.


  1. Know yourself and know your strength and weakness and work on them.
  2. Study about your field and the people at the top of your chosen field and what they did differently
  3. Go the extra mile when providing services to people.
  4. Show passion for your work or anything you set your mind to do.
  5. Do what your peers will not normally do and work very hard.

I hope this will help someone out there to continue to work towards their dreams and goals.

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I love you.



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