Hey beautiful!  TGIF, hope you are enjoying your weekend after all the week’s work, work, work, work. I will be sharing with you my top 5 playlist of all times, I mean those songs I won’t mind putting on repeat through the whole day, some of these songs are might not be trending, some or even most might be from way back but no one cares and most of the songs are from my best artist (am not telling you, you have to figure that out after going through the list). I hope you enjoy it and if you do make sure to like and subscribe and make sure to share with friends, let’s get into it

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NO 1

HIGHER by RIHANNA: like I so love that song, I don’t know if it was the beat or the voice that got me but g-i-r-l you have my heart. Each time I listen to the song I just start feeling all emotional and all.

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NO 2

WILD THOUGHTS by RIHANNA and BRYSON TILLER: I just recently got the song I love the intro, I love the sound, and the music on its own is a killer and most especially I love the video.

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NO 3

YOU’RE NEVER FULLY DRESSED WITHOUT A SMILE by SIA :even though the song is from way back, I love the fact that it is passing a message and I love the message the song is passing. The beat and sound are both awesome and great. SIA is a great singer.


NO 4

NOBODY LIKE JESUS by NEVILLE D : this one is a gospel music but because whenever I listen hear a song basically it is the sound or the instrumentation (if there is anything like that) that gets my attention and this song did that, I love the beat  and I love the fact that the gospel music is a rap song and just makes it sound unique to me. Then another thing that got me in the song is the lyrics like there is no body like my Jesus which is just amazing.

images (1)

N0 5

The last but definitely not the least is just any Olamide’s song like I have a huge crush on him, like he just so up there and everything. I just feel a weird connection to his music and I feel like songs and his story speaks for the street and I love the street so…, moreover I feel like am a part of the YBNL family and but to be specific about his song I will choose “Awon Goons Mi” like am mad over that song I know the lyrics from top to bottom and I feel like it is true love (am shy)

That is the end for now and I feel like am going to do this again very soon because I really enjoyed myself and am sure you did too and you can tell me the song you like most or the one  you don’t really like amongst my playlist and the reason. You can say I have weird taste in music but you have to show me prove by sharing your top playlist with me by simply putting it in the comment box below so I will learn. Please do not forget to share and like, I love you guys so much

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