Hey, I am finding it very difficult to sleep and this is after 11pm and then I decided to blog since Wi-Fi isn’t working and I  enjoy blogging especially when I can’t sleep, it is not as if I have a particular topic but you know I always gat something to say. So this doesn’t really have a topic or a main idea I just want to put down my random thoughts.  I want to talk about my dreams and my fears, yes so in the past I was not always sure about what I wanted to put all my passion into, I just knew I love to talk, make people happy, entertain people, sing (even though I don’t have such nice voice) and I know I hate 8-5  jobs, I hate medicine or anything that has to do with the hospital and I hate it when people are sad, since I  had a lot of  things I really like I found it difficult to combine and I really wanted to choose there were even times I would write all what I love on different pieces of paper and then scatter them round the room and then pray and I will choose to pick the first one I pick and all this didn’t work but mind you communications or media wasn’t part of the all thing from the start and I was really confused and I was envied those who knew what they wanted and are working towards it.

Then fast forward to200level, I had started to understand myself more and what I wanted from life then a friend of mine told me about blogging and I loved it, it sounded like a platform for me to share my ideas and opinions and help people and I go to bed ever night thinking about it, but then I was scared that people may not like it or what will people say and I kept procrastinating until that faithful day when I watch one of these YouTube videos that really motivated me and I am going to share with you some YouTube channels to check out if you need inspiration or motivation, then I opened the blog immediately but because I was too focused on not making mistakes I made tones of mistakes  and then I never went back to that blog until I watch moment z on ebony life that really changed my life and then I watch their search audition and then when I heard Lisa march then I want to her YouTube channel and then one of her videos really touched me (you can go and check out the video) and it was then I realized I actually know what I want I want to communicate with people and bless their lives, I want to meet people have impact on their lives and interview people but because I do not want to leave my comfort zones and I was scared about what people might say, I didn’t want to acknowledge that that I wanted it  and it was at that point I decided this is what am really going to put my all into even though I really do not know how to go about it but I will try my best and pray to God about it. Then I started a new blog and even though right now I have close to no follower, it makes me really happy that am doing what I love and then in one way or the other I know there is one person out there that my blog is actually helping. download (6)If you are still trying to figure out what you want in life or from life or you don’t know your purpose is, you need to actually stop and think because the reason why we are scared is because is we are too scared to acknowledge the fact that that is what we really want. For  you to k now what you really want in life you need to ask what would I be doing if I know I will be really successful, if there will be not criticism, no failure? And be sincere about your answer and whatever your answer pursue that thing with all your heart.

When you know what you want the own universe will conspire to help you to get it; I got that from THE ALCHEMIST y’all should read it by Paul Coelho, it is for everyone that has a dream and want to achieve that dream and working towards that dream.

download (4)If this has help you in any way I would love to hear from you so you can put it in the comment box and please do not forget to like, share and subscribe that will be helping a girl fulfill her dreams. Yes before I forget I will be going to a real radio tomorrow in town not like the one am use to, and I will be sharing the experience with you in the radio diary series.

I am so sorry this is too long but I just can’t stop tying or talking but gat to go. XOXO


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