Hey, so yes am bacccckkkkk and today I will be sharing with you something I feel we need to address in our society and that is the issue of GENERALIZING WEAKNESS IN WOMEN which needs to stop.

I just realize that some women actually take glory or pride in calling themselves weak and as if that alone is not enough damage they will now start generalizing it, be making all women look weak and they will be seeing you as a demon if you think or behave strong, not everyone likes to be called weak, I don’t think it is cute or boss like (if you know Sharon well she really has a thing for boss ladies). I saw this on a BC someone sent to a group chat am on and I quote “the power of a women is in her weakness” and I was really angry, people should really stop generalizing things like this, because there is power in your weakness or your are weak does not mean all women are weak and you should not be generalizing thing like this, it is an insult to strong women. Then all those kinds of women will come out tomorrow and say they are taken for granted in the society, no one will regard the opinion of a weak person.

One thing women that call or see themselves as weak don’t know is that people or the society will only see you the way you see yourself and then they will start saying it is the men’s world; it is not, it’s just that people will not like to work with/seek opinion of a weak person and since women tame themselves as weak they give the work to the strong ones “men”

If we want society to start giving us equal right, opportunities as men, we should first start seeing ourselves as being strong and capable and then things will hopefully start changing.

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